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Singer/songwriter Bob Thomas was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. When he was seven his father bought him a guitar, which he taught himself to play alongside recordings such as John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan to name just a few. As a teenager Bob moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He spent much of his time amercing himself in the old west, the cowboy's way of life, and developing a love for traditional Western music. Once he moved back to Los Angeles, he again picked up that old guitar and began to play. In 2009 Bob decided to put pen to paper and write songs about some of the things he had experienced and learned about during his days in Albuquerque. First and foremost Bob is a story teller and is renowned for his music about cowboys and the old west. His songs tell colorful stories and have been described as melodic and easy to listen to. He plays guitar in a traditional fingerpicking style.

His song “The Cowboy” was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award in the category best western song of 2012.

Bob’s fifth CD, “A Cowboy’s Revel”, released in December 2015, is a collection of eleven new songs written and performed by Bob Thomas. The feeling portrayed in this compilation helps the listener understand the passion a cowboy has for the work he does. It is his life. Featured songs are: “Nights On The Prairie”, “Stampede”, “My Ring”, “Maria Theresa”. Bob’s personal favorite is “The Note”.

Bobs fourth CD, “A Cowboys Story”, released in September 2014 tells the story of a young man of 18 whom, tired of the civil war, heads west to Texas. It goes on to tells how he grows to be a man and his life as a cowboy. The CD ends as he gets old and can no longer cowboy. Featured are “Leaving Texas”, “The Tall Thin Cowboy”, “Abilene”, “The Hawk” and “Wyoming Blizz”.

His third CD, “The Cowboy Way”, released in December 2012, features four songs about the west. “The Cowboy Way” describes his wish for a simpler way as he recalls the attributes of a cowboy. “Night Watch” depicts the loneliness of night as a cowboy guard’s herd. “Doc Holliday” tells the story of Doc Holliday from his birth to his death. “Montana Storm” tells of his experience as he stood on a hill in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, watching a storm develop. “Leaving Iraq” is the second of an Iraq war trilogy, continues the story of a young man and his experience of the Iraq war.

His second CD, “Late at Night”, released in November 2011 features the award winning song “The Cowboy” which describes the double tough life that cowboys endured while riding on the Chisholm Trail. The song makes the point that getting to the top of the mountain is not always the prize, it’s the climb. “Charley” recounts a conversation he had with a friend who was a Zuni Indian. The third song in his Iraq trilogy “My War” ends the story of a soldier just returned from the Iraq war and the problems of retuning.

Al Krtil of Sudzin Country / Early Morning Trails WRSU-FM New Brunswick, New Jersey said “Bob Thomas’ album “Late At Night” is a welcome addition to “Early Morning Trails”…favorites include “The Cowboy Palace”, “Charley” and “The Cowboy”.

His first CD, entitled “New Mexico”, was release in February 2010. This CD contains the very popular “I Should Have Been a Cowboy” which portrays a day in the life of a cowboy. “New Mexico” documents his move from Los Angeles to Albuquerque and his eventual departure is depicted in “El Paso”. The first of his Iraq trilogy “Brown Eyed Girl” appears on this CD.

Bob now resides in Tarzana, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He has appeared often at the Gene Autry Museum, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, El Trocadero Steak House, The Cowboy Palace, The Talking Stick and at other venues in the greater Los Angeles area.



Bob Thomas