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by Lee Swing

Bob Thomas Music Reviews



"Stylistically I would place Bob Thomas among the practitioners of Western in one of its more primal forms.

But for the presence of some Country steel and dobro guitar, you could add synthetic needle scratch with a tinny tone and you might be hearing a gravel-voiced waddie sidled up to John A. Lomax’s famous Edison Cylinder Machine! That’s certainly the effect of both performer and much of his material (“Red,” “Wyoming,” “Nights On The Prairie,” “I Let My Pony Run” or “Maria Theresa”).

Also included in this latest collection is yet another song bearing the name “Stampede.” Now by my count this makes at least eight, which may soon technically booger up the Harry Fox Agency’s computers!! A tribute to singer/songwriter Joyce Woodson is an interesting addition this time around."

By RICK HUFF (2016)



"BOB THOMAS/a Cowboy’s Revel: ... this cowboy is here to open your ears to what’s going in the western world. Heartfelt stuff that shows there’s still a down-home alive and well somewhere, Thomas never dips into corny genre clichés and keeps it all above board and on track. Smart cowboy action here--the serious kind."




"A Cowboys Story by Bob Thomas Singer/songwriter Bob Thomas imagines a cowboy’s life – from the Civil War to greenhorn cowboy on his first cattle drive and on through to “Cowboy Retirement” – in A Cowboys Story, his fourth full-length release. Thomas’ relaxed guitar style and melodious tenor complements the story’s epic scope."

By Tom Wilmers - American Cowboy (December/January 2015)



"Bob Thomas CDs would not logically be found in an Easy Listening music bin. His delivery is that of the old sand-voiced cowpoke. His writing is theirs as well. You say it ‘til you’re done and you stop. Curley Fletcher did it that way, didn’t he?

“A Cowboys (sic) Story” is a concept album with eleven loosely connected songs drifting from the Civil War to Cowboying adventures to hanging up the spurs. Thomas is aided along the way with good harmony and musical support, well produced by the enigmatic “HYIM.” Pick tracks are “Civil War,” “My First Cattle Drive,” “Leaving Texas,” the simple strummed “Wyoming Blizz” and “Cowboy Retirement.” Eleven tracks."

By Rick Huff - The Western Way (Spring 2016)



"The Cowboy Way by Bob Thomas Evoking a time when things were simpler, modern folk musician Bob Thomas’ western music is melodic, mellow and easy to listen to. His traditional fingerpicking style is the perfect accompaniment. The Cowboy Way is ideal for summer relaxing on the front porch."

By Lauren Feldman - American Cowboy (June/July 2013)